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Technical Analysis for Market Timing

Analysis based on the volume for all the major stock market indexes. Volume based research and market timing to aid in forecasting of the S&P 500, NASDAQ 100, QQQQ, SPDRs, Diamonds and other indexes and derivatives.

"Have you ever lost everything in a single moment?
Is there something wrong with your system?

WE can say it's time for
New Tools
that help you to forecast changes.

If you trade often and need real Technical Analysis, make sure to get real-time STREAMING charts. STREAMING charts automatically update themselves and you are also be able to see information in a minute-by-minute format.

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"Many traders focus only on the price history when trying to determine what the future holds for the stock market. It is the volume of trading, which give the whole picture. And not just stocks volume but volume of indexes."

Market in a week?

Market in a month?

Market in a year?

Indicators for NYSE, Amex, NASDAQ exchanges as well as for QQQQ, S&P 500 and other most trading indexes. Sound and Email Alert plus much much more...

What are our benefits?
Our technical analysis allows accurate market timing, especially for intraday traders. As the combined trading volume for the indexes tells you where the market is going to go.

Why we are unique?
We analyze trading volume instead of price. We specialize in indicators for trading index derivatives. From our JavaVolume charts you can easily find entry and exit points for these derivatives.

Real Time Charts with signals for trends in all the indexes, including the NASDAQ 100...

Different indicators, each with its own unique perspective on the market...

Volume of all US indexes in real time (we are the only source of combined volume for all the major indexes) ...

Special Features: several accounts access points, custom charting and more...

Our proprietary technologies are used to set Trading Systems:

We provide charts and indicators

  • Volume Charts and Indicators
  • Selling & Buying Volume Charts
  • SBV Oscillator
  • Advance Decline Charts and Indicators
  • Sector Indexes (Gold, Oil & Semiconductors)
  • Various Price Studies

We provide Reports, Market Outlook and Signals

  • Daily Market Outlook
  • Daily A/D Sentiment Report
  • Pre-Close QQQQ, DIA and SPDRs Trading Signals*
  • Pre-Close Mutual Funds tracking NASDAQ 100 Signals*
  • Weekly Market Sentiment Report

Minute-by-minute trading volume shows the reversal points of the market, and therefore when to buy and sell!
Indicator is a method of quantitative analysis, usually of price over time or volume, using various formulae designed to highlight specific characteristics and provide signals to help forecast market movements.
Dow Theory adherents will buy when the market moves higher than a previous peak, and sell when it goes below the preceding valley.
Elliott believed that all of man's activities, not just the stock market, were influenced by these identifiable series of waves.
The elements of market timing including investor sentiment, trends in interest rates and fed action, overall market valuation, technical underpinning, and flow of funds.
Technical analysis is a very powerful tool and is a pre-requisite for anyone who wants to predict financial market movements.

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  • Trading System - index trading system for various trading styles that could be used by professional traders as well as beginners. The auto-trading is available with major online brokers. The signals are generated for QQQQ and SPY options, uncovered options, ETFs and Rydex dynamic funds.

  • Options Trading - QQQQ and SPY options trading newsletters generated by simple trading system that is based on the volume and advance/decline technical indicators.

  • QQQQ Options - uncovered options trading has never been easier. From now on, not only institutional traders may sell options short, but retail traders as well. Learn how to trade uncovered options conservatively.

  • NASDAQ 100 - NASDAQ 100 analysis based on the advanced charts and indicators

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